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1. Two side projects by three of 5 Dream Theater band members. The band Members are: John Petrucci (Guitar), Mike Portnoy (Drums), Jordan Rudess(Keyboard), and Tony Levin (Bass). Two

2. A total kick ass band that has the best musicians put together.
Did you get the Liquid Tension Experiment CD? It's so bad ass.
by Bill December 28, 2003
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Musical Orgasm.
An amazing group of musicians that came together as a "supergroup" featuring:
Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci of Dream Theater
Jordan Rudess (Who later joined Dt)
and Tony Levin
They released 2 cds from 1998-1999
Both cds were completed in a week, and the majority was improvised.
They are going on a 10th anniversary tour pretty soon.
"If an alien race wanted to hear this planet's music, just give them the two Liquid Tension Experiment cds"
by tehgir May 21, 2008
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A project beginning origionally as a solo-album for Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and gradually growing to be a collective project of soon-to-be Dream Theater Keyboardist Jordan Rudess (who was accepted to Juliard at the age of 9), Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci, and bass guitarist Tony Levin (former King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and Paul Simon band member).

Both albums were completed in a week and were entirely improvised.
Albums: LTE 1 and LTE 2

"Try and keep yourself from your drums after hearing this." -Tony Levon to Mike Portnoy in the writing stages of Osmosis (LTE 1)
by El Jefe February 27, 2005
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