A girl that starts out the night "sharing" the bed but eventually burrows their way into hogging the entire thing. (must have a slight rat resemblance otherwise see bitch scoot over)
"I got no sleep last night because Milton was such a street rat."
by Ganzy April 30, 2008
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a street-rat is a male that lives on a estate and wears cheap sports gear and spends a lot ov time on his hair but it looks bad anyway
the female term is street-mouse
"whoa look at that street-rat over there by the chippie"
by pirate_lovers September 3, 2006
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Similar in tone to hood rat or street rat the WSR is an sub-species indigenous to the greater NYC area, sometimes including Greenwich, CT. While seemingly disguised in a suit and tie this shady character is constantly plotting nefarious schemes such as parceling up bad product with enough good product to fool buyers (similar to drug dealing), insider lingo meant to confuse and distract listeners and giving themselves pay raises as everyone else suffers (stealing). They should be treated with the same contempt as other aforementioned rats.
I hate going out drinking in the Financial District. The bars are always full of stinking Wall Street Rats.
by The Righteous Huntster Co. October 8, 2010
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A person who is usually Muslim/fat , and came from a hard childhood AKA getting hit on the head with coconuts who is usually on the streets in Guyana at the lemonade stand.
Hey, did you know that Guyana street rat got a $1,500 massage chair?!?! His dad must work for the cartel!
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making fun of people after a night out, looking as shitty as possible, wearing hats and trying to remember how u got home
im hungry...time for street rat clowning
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
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hey mom and duh...its your daughter! lets go to taco johns and street rat clown!
by lc March 31, 2004
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A valley street plat rat is one bad ass S.O.B. Someone who protects there streets family and friends. Someone who won't say shit behind your back if it can't be said to your face! There has been known leaders of these plat rats....the Hasty's! Other known plat rats would be....Shawhand, cox, faris, dickerson, Bentrup, Decker and Whitaker
Don't fuck with them valley street plat rats
by OVP August 19, 2011
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