A Nigga who is from the streets, or raised in the streets, a Nigga that's a thug and that done did street shit and crimes, and illegal shit.
21 Savage is a Street Nigga he really about that action.
by KingThug March 29, 2018
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A Nigga who is a hot boy and has street cred and been in the Urban Community alot
by King Moneyysl November 24, 2018
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A street nigga is a nigga who is really from the streets. Typically a young nigga who done sold dope on a minor or major level. The life of a real street nigga is often personified in rap songs. A street nigga is typically a gangsta ass nigga too. A street nigga will be up on all the latest drug slang and what be going down in the hood. Real street niggas typically smoke weed , pop beans and serve dem junkies.
Lil Boosie is a real street nigga. Gucci mane is a street nigga. Yung Jeezy is a street nigga but just a lil more commercial. A
by real street nigga December 14, 2009
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a down ass nigga from da streets of compton that is a gangsta ass mofucka taht cant be stopped by no bitch ass niggaz or da po po.
yo dat street nigga be a str8 up nigga!
by Ron Mole Sack January 2, 2005
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The best street of the street niggas around
Das a real professional street nigga!
by DietBacon December 12, 2019
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A niggafied citizen, preferably in Detroit who is exceedingly good in the profession of street, like illegally selling narcotics to his so called "brothers", shooting other niggafied citizens and saying the word "nigga" repeatedly.
Child: I could really use some of the devils lettuce know what I'm saying?
Father: I get mine from Lebron, the Professional Streets Nigga, I will e-mail you his coordinates
by ShitsJustAJoke November 18, 2020
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