As opposed to digital download and physical media, it's a type of online multimedia that is delivered and consumed in a continous manner from a source, with little or no intermediate storage in network elements. It's a usually a type of subscription service.

The term "streaming" refers to the delivery method of content, rather than content itself.

Notable examples include Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max.
"The streaming service model is also good as digital download and physical media." - Some streaming service enthusiast
by Ryan900USAYT April 19, 2022
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A streaming service is a type of service that used only be Netflix but is now multiplying faster than cancer and each service only has 3 good shows so you might as well pirate
John: Disney is making their own streaming service, it has the franchise's they have
Jake: all these companies can fuck off, I'm not paying for 20 subscriptions only to watch 2 shows on each
by Midly entertaining March 2, 2020
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A video streaming service is an on demand online entertainment source for TV shows, movies and other streaming media.
I like the design, so now I'm using it for my presentation...Video Streaming Services.
by ZinedineVZ July 6, 2020
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