A person who is slow to catch on and having a mental block. Someone that annoys you, because they don't get it, it's like they are stuck at a stop sign while everyone else is moving forward.
by milk007 March 08, 2013
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A large, red, rectangle-thingy bearing a white insignia intended for those with literary talent. As of yet it has been found to have no significant value other than serving as an excellent target for practicin' and obstructin' my view of them other trucks crossin my line of travel.
Red Nekk: "Officer, no 'fence but if the stinkin government wasnt usin' all ma tax money on putting up them useless rectangle stop sign thingys, maybe dead guy over there woulda seen me drivin this way and woulda stopped. Coulda saved this here wreck from hapenin'."
by ClothyMonster April 05, 2011
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do you really need an example to help you visualize this anymore?
by mike December 08, 2003
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When a girl comes close to climaxing, the man stops and smacks her in the face.
My girl is bruised up from that stop sign.
by J-long-rod July 10, 2008
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place where rednecks down portier rd go to worship at least 6 times a day off,and where most people down the road bring there dates for the first kiss
jimmy bring'in monna to dat there stop sign.
by BIg E October 15, 2004
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A dude with a huge head;
a huge head on a small or skinny body
Did you see the stop sign on that guy?

yea, his head was huge!

dude could not put the batting helmet on cuz his stop sign was so big

by b. hanback April 28, 2008
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A sign meant for people to stop at, that people misread as continue driving.
Little boy: mom you just drove past a stop sign!

Mom: they have no meaning
by Picklebubble June 20, 2014
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