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Someone or something that possesses a laid back, hippie-esque quality.

A relaxed atmosphere, state or setting.
I was straight chillin' in a stoney hash bar in Amsterdam when I thought to myself, "I need a blumpy"
by Pimp Daddy July 14, 2003
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The state of being somewhat stoned, but not a complete high.

To "get a lil' stoney" might involve smoking enough marijuana to feel the effects, while still being able to perform everyday tasks.
"Hey man, I've got about a bowl of weed here. Feel like splitting it and getting a lil' stoney?"
by AwsumPawsum September 21, 2009
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As defined by the Beatles in their song "Dig A Pony", a marijuana joint.
I roll a stoney
Well, you can imitate every one you know,
Yes, you can imitate every one you know
I told you so
by CactusSun September 02, 2010
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The feeling you have when looking at something beautiful or amazing with out being stoned or high on marijuana, but it feels like it
Looking at the sunlight reflecting off the water is so beautiful, its stoney..
the foliage in Autumn so colorful, bright and seemingly luminescent , its stoney.
by dogboy15 September 24, 2010
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Generally a black girl with an amazing butt, flat stomach, and huge boobs. Down-to-earth and always a good time

However Stoneys often have difficult saying words like "pillow" and "sandwich"
Dude that Stoney girl is the shit!!
by Big Sexy191919 May 25, 2012
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Stone Island.

Stone Island is a very expensive designer make from italy which specialise in making coats/jackets.
There clothing is quality but very expensive, there are many fakes that have flooded the market and are of poor quality. Often worn by football hooligans/football fans!
Liverpool1: Look at that Wrexham fan wearing a stoney coat!
Liverpool2: Lets rob it!
by DaveCharlie October 25, 2004
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