One who is stoked

A stoker always tries to stay stoked in any situations they might find themselves in. Whether times are tough and trying, or everything seems to be flowin your way, a stoker always tries to stay enthusiastic and be positive.
Chad: "JT, did you see that guy just guzzle that 40 down with his Helix beer bong?"
J.T.: "I did dude, I was just talking to him earlier, he's a pretty rad guy. Very enthusiastic."
Chad: "We need more stokers like him."
by Unbendable Shaft August 8, 2018
A MEM (Marine Engineering Mechanic) in the Royal Navy. Also known as Bilge Rats and Spanner Wankers. Usually recognised by the greasy blue overalls and wearing a pair of ear defenders around their necks.
Wiggy: There's smoke coming out of the engine room.
Slinger: Call the Chief Stoker, he's on duty tonight.
by Mr Rusher August 17, 2007
stoker, a small item, such as a twig, bobby pin or a toothpick which is used to un-clog a cone peice of a bong.
"We need a stoker"
"Dude that cone was totally hard to pull, next time stoker it"
"It may need stokerage"
by nonleaded February 23, 2006
Large wheels on a skateboard. They look the same as regular skatboard wheels but they are wider with incased ballbearings.
Check out my new stokers, dude!
by Oblaidon November 2, 2006
Good/cheap dip. Shit that a redneck would pull out at a party with a natural light in in hand listening to Waylon Jennings. Comes in different flavors and cuts and they make stokers chew for football coaches that say it’s sunflowers seeds.
Blair you got any Copenhagen

Nah man I got that stokers mint

Fuck man at least get some fuckin wintergreen
by Lil cookie 40 July 8, 2019
the person riding on the back of a tandem bicycle
I was the stoker for our last ride on the tandem.
by Mark Ee February 21, 2006
An exclamation of surprise, when a circumstance arises that is beyond belief
Farmer Pat: "look at that bushfire..."

Farmer Dan: "stuff a stoker, that's a lot o' flame headin' for my shack!"
by Lisa Rossiter July 27, 2006