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One who is stoked

A stoker always tries to stay stoked in any situations they might find themselves in. Whether times are tough and trying, or everything seems to be flowin your way, a stoker always tries to stay enthusiastic and be positive.
Chad: "JT, did you see that guy just guzzle that 40 down with his Helix beer bong?"
J.T.: "I did dude, I was just talking to him earlier, he's a pretty rad guy. Very enthusiastic."
Chad: "We need more stokers like him."
by Unbendable Shaft August 07, 2018
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A MEM (Marine Engineering Mechanic) in the Royal Navy. Also known as Bilge Rats and Spanner Wankers. Usually recognised by the greasy blue overalls and wearing a pair of ear defenders around their necks.
Wiggy: There's smoke coming out of the engine room.
Slinger: Call the Chief Stoker, he's on duty tonight.
by Mr Rusher August 17, 2007
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stoker, a small item, such as a twig, bobby pin or a toothpick which is used to un-clog a cone peice of a bong.
"We need a stoker"
"Dude that cone was totally hard to pull, next time stoker it"
"It may need stokerage"
by nonleaded February 23, 2006
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Large wheels on a skateboard. They look the same as regular skatboard wheels but they are wider with incased ballbearings.
Check out my new stokers, dude!
by Oblaidon November 02, 2006
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