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The Sexiest thing A Woman can wear.

Not to be confused with Pantyhose, Tights, or Leggins; Stocking start at the toes and continue up to the thigh. There are basically 2 types; Thigh High Stay Ups (have a built in elastic band to "stay up") and true Stockings. True stocking are normally 100% nylon or silk with no elastic bands. They require a Garter Belt to keep them in place.

Stocking are usually worn with a skirt and provide the ultimate tease to men when they get a glimse of the tops.

Stockings and high heels will always be the ultimate in "subtle sex appeal" for a high class woman.
by S Mc March 05, 2008
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The only pants in the world you can't put on backwards!

i.e waist high ones.
by Juombie May 15, 2011
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Awkwardly creeping behind a female in a tight space, and proceeding to forcefully dance with a female. Then bouncing up and down to the beat of the music.
Yo dude Eric keep stocking all the soccer girls at cannon's last night.
by FrattyLight March 03, 2012
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Mistaking the word stocking for stoking, commonly attributed to people with poor spelling, sausage fingers, and struggling with obesity.
Just chilling in Austria, off to Munich Oktoberfest tomorrow 'stocking' should be looooose!!
by Ballbagger September 28, 2011
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Verb; the heinous act of forcefully positioning geriatric females in a prone arrangement over the armrest of your couch for the sadistic but sexually driven act of elder sodomy.
Matt: So dude, I heard that your Nanna Hobbs is coming over sunday...
Dustin: Yeah bro, its my birthday!
Matt: I'ma be stocking that musty claptrap fo sho!
by Cornielus Assfuck February 01, 2008
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creepily following Mark. Not to be confused with stalking. Which means creepily following a person.
Wow -- Eric's already stocking Mark at his not-yet home. Freakshow.
by schneider the writer August 21, 2008
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