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One who consistently exhibits stoner-like behaviors (i.e. eating jack in the crack at 2AM, skipping class, watching nature documentaries) even when they're in a sober state
Corey is such a stober! She skipped class to make nachos and watch Planet Earth today--She wasn't even high!
by Down Ass Rae August 30, 2016
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A woman who always looks stoned but is high on her lifestyle , by trying to be sober!
I'm so stober!
by A Petaluma Girl March 08, 2017
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The same thing as sober except for marijuana. Meaning that you arent under the influence of the drug.
Stoned + Sober = Stober.
We have to get soooo stoned these holidays, ive been stober all term.
by George September 04, 2005
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To act sober, in order to avoid trouble when you're actually either high, or drunk.
Dustin:"When you get home won't your mom know you're high?"
Bri:"Of course not, I'll be stober."
by BriBear™ January 31, 2009
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When you are such a stoner that even when you are completely sober, you still look stoned.
Did you hear Lucas gave up drugs for a month for his parole hearing?

Really? I just saw him and he looked stoned out of his mind.

Yeah he is just always looks stober.
by Hillary_Love April 10, 2011
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