making love to a woman who has had several gentlemen precede you into the said woman leaving their ejaculate inside the said woman, her pussy being full cum, hence porridge!
i don't know what fash is up to, but if he gets into pd he'll definitely be stirring porridge on a grand scale.
bagging up is required at the very least!
by davethejag February 22, 2009
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When a girl is having sex with more than one male at the same time and the first guy has blown his load inside her, and now it is your turn. As you go at it, you will 'stir the porridge' and be mixing the first guys cum with yours or however many have been before you.
Fellow, you all have had your turn, it is my turn now to stir the porridge
by Dougie1 December 29, 2016
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sloppy seconds with a girl after someone has recently ejaculated inside her

thefore you stir the porridge
guy 1: i just fucked that dirty midget
guy 2: i did her ten minutes ago
guy 1: Shit i was stirring the porridge
by troyaqwerty February 22, 2009
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To have stirred someones dirty porridge is to realise that you and your brother/friend have had sex with the same girl
'stirring dirty porridge', an emotional short story by imthesean.


1- 'Bro, me and Emma got it on last night'

'Emma from down the road?'

'Yeh man'

'But i had sex with her last week'

'O SHI-'

(3rd person) 'Baha! youve been stirring his dirty porridge!'
by imthesean August 9, 2009
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To go where another man has boldy gone before
A: Dude, you jammed your little man in her flange?
B: Absafuckinlutely!
A: You stirred my porridge!
B: What?

(For those not paying attention, B is cuntstruck)
by Anonymous November 7, 2003
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When a man not normally attracted to other men feels so out alpha-ed upon learning that another man has slept with one of his previous conquests that he offers him up sexually to the second man.

Often, in an effort to still appear as manly, at least in the eyes of others if not to himself, he will add a degrading but amusing insult to the end of the request. ie "Stir my porridge, bitch" or "Stir my porridge, fruit cake."
When Dick learned that Harry had also screwed Jane, he was overcome with the sense of Harry's manliness. "Stir my porridge, bitch," he said, as lust overcame his usual nature.

The term may originate with the use of the word Porridge as a reference to time spent in prison, or possibly it's occasional use as slang for vagina or pussy.
by Areiveaducci December 2, 2010
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