17 definitions by davethejag

A Bullet Nut is a complete buffoon who makes basic random simple errors that even a baby could get correct
look at warren over there, the baldy bastard has cocked up so many orders up in one morning he is a total bullet nut, he's gonna get his ass kicked by the boss from teesside if he doesnt start pulling his weight
by davethejag March 10, 2014
ejaculating into a person's eye, thus "taking it out" as per king harold at the battle of hastings in 1066
fash was getting tugged by his lass but he shot his muck into his own eye giving himself a king harold and was blinded for a while until he managed to get to a&e for a hose down
by davethejag April 6, 2009
making love to a woman who has had several gentlemen precede you into the said woman leaving their ejaculate inside the said woman, her pussy being full cum, hence porridge!
i don't know what fash is up to, but if he gets into pd he'll definitely be stirring porridge on a grand scale.
bagging up is required at the very least!
by davethejag February 22, 2009
when one has an extremely loose bowel movement it sprays out like a super soaker
cor look at fash on the beach! he's been caught short and had nowhere to go in a hurry so he's just fired a super soaker all over the beach
by davethejag November 7, 2008
an extremely loose bowel movement in that the said movement comes out like a brown jet of water in the style of a "super soaker"
me and fash were digging for worms when he got caught short on the beach, with nowhere to run he fired a super soaker that covered the beach in his runny shat
by davethejag November 17, 2008
driving a vehicle to it's maximum capabilities of performance
i have a misfire on me vectra, but it only happens at high speed when i'm hossin the tits off it!
by davethejag February 6, 2009
A catastrophic failure of a car's transmission in which the differential collapses damaging the transmission and the vehicle loses drive , also leaving a trail of oil where it's been
i couldn't pick up droo, fash and professor layton as me astra had broke down, it shat the diff and left a trail of oil like the amoco cadiz along the road, darn diff!
by davethejag February 5, 2009