A mix of stirring the pot and spilling the tea, when someone gossips about something, then that person tries to make the tea worse.
Rebecca: I kinda have a crush on Timmy, but don’t tell anyone
Kween: ok girl, I got u
Kween: Hey Timmy, I heard that Rebecca likes you, but you didn’t here it from me
Felicia: Kween don’t stir the tea
by GNE! June 23, 2018
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This is when somebody stirs situation to make it worse. people usually say that somebody is saying something about then when they aren't really.
Matt: Alexei is cool. Lewis: Alexei matt said your a loser Jamie: Lewis, stop ' Stirring the Tea '.
by Anzio24 December 2, 2011
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When a female is a lesbian and she enjoys oral/jointal intercourse with another female or male anus.
"Dude I can't even sit right.. she stirs the tea so intensely to me at night"
by Ashley Pushem August 30, 2012
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