When you have a severe case of diarhea and it feels as if you are urinating poop out of your bung hole
Dude after the party, I had to stinkle soo bad
by Dr professor sexy man April 29, 2011
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When you have already taken one or more bowel movements, however you still feel like there is more in your body. You go to the washroom to only push out a little bit of a bowel movement. Since you are also pushing so hard, you let out a little tinkle of pee.
"my stomach is so upset. I have already gone poo twice today, however I still feel like I have to go again..."
*Comes back from the washroom"

"I pushed ready hard, but only a little poo came out and a little tinkle of pee, also called stinkle"
by fussfuss May 30, 2018
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The Stinky Wrinkle that pugs have under their little noses.
Had to clean Tucker's stinkle today, it was so grubby!
by foxyleemac February 6, 2011
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2 uses. Describing a dump and urination at the same time or describing drippy poo
dang dude, ive been holding this stinkle all day because the school bathrooms are breeding grounds for the mexicans
by Camp3sino September 9, 2003
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Verb; When in process of pooping you pee simultaneuosly.
" After all that beef and beer, I sat down to take a dump, but when I sat, it turned it to a full on Stinkle "
by Jamesfm January 19, 2007
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