Any of the fab five are prospects, but suspect would be the guilty finger who forced entry into the walls of a genital only to make out with an odorous stink finger..ooh wee
Jerry and Larry were cruising the boulevard on a Friday night and they were so into exchanging sniffs from eacother's stink finger from their dates that night that they ran a red light and didn't even realize they did.
by Roobeer March 12, 2020
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The smell associated with inserting your fingers in a woman's vagina.
I fingered Louise last night and got me stink finger
by Sheldon December 27, 2003
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When sticking ones finger in someones anus/vagina and then sniffing it.
Matt had a stink finger after coming home from playing with Hanna.
by Kacie and Shelby February 21, 2005
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sticking ones fingers into a womans vaginal area therefore leaving you w/ smelly fingers.
My boyfriend and i got caught playing stink finger in a walmart tent display.
by maximum March 17, 2005
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The wonderful lingering aroma of you women' pussy juice. Readily activated by placing the coated digit in your mouth.
I enjoyed her stink finger later that day while making my deliveries.
by arpkell April 12, 2003
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When a person sticks their fingers in any smelly orifice on their body such as their bellybutton, anus, penis hole or vagina, and their fingers get stinky
"john rubbed his stink fingers in his teacher's face."
by grahamANOTATOTHR April 23, 2006
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The aroma left upon one's fingers after insertion into a woman's vagina during sex; implies lack of proper hygene, not on the part of the person achieving "stink finger," but on the part of the woman involved.
I had sex with Vicky last night and left with an amazingly pungent case of stink finger.
by goblineyes December 9, 2003
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