a derogatory term for Jews implying the stereotypical assumption that there stingy
wow that guy ken sure is a stingy J
by ruler of the J's November 23, 2007
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A large group of men world wide who are very cautious of spending unnecessary time and money on women
Friend 1: I’m about to give my girlfriend 2k. friend 2 : are you mad stingy men association will catch you

Friend 1 : true stingy men we no get shi shi
by G.Splashy(Great) February 15, 2021
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A man who use to be a peecocken whore dog but one to many visits to the clinic with snot cock curb his free willy tickle any fillie attitude into a
monk gets layer more out look. turning him into a stingy Stan.
Can u believe fithy Phil turned into a stingy stan
by Sizzlensassy January 07, 2018
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