The word “stimming” refers to self-stimulating behaviors, such as (but not limited to) hand flapping, bouncing, flicking, and face scrunching. stimming can be a response to a positive, negative, or neutral stimulus. Everybody stims, some do it more than others. Stimming is a popular word in the neurodivergent community.
I get so stimmy when I listen to this song!
by tittyxcasserol January 9, 2022
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The check that one receives when a global pandemic hits the streets of L.A. am nobody’s safe not even the big homie. The first legal money most them hoes Eva made.
Damn, girl I been out all night mailboxing An all I got was two stimmy checks an a bag of rubbers. I hope them females do better cuz I wanna be a trapstarby tomorrow. You feel?
by Coli J May 19, 2020
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Some mate: Hey Sadie, did you get your stimmy yet? I wanted to throw a sick barbie and invite over my best mates.

Sadie: "Yeah Nah."
by fr3dricks0n December 23, 2020
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A unit of measurement usually equaling $1,4000.

Derived from the government’s $1,400 stimulus check given early 2021.
I’m selling my car for at least 2 stimmys
by bNeo April 13, 2021
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ya know, a cold twell ta fodeen
Pockets ain't slim so don't call me jimmy
30 inch rims cost about two stimmy
by rauru March 29, 2021
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