Top Gear's "Tame racing driver"

Stig never speaks and is covered in a white fireproof nomex driving suit and a black visored helmet.

Also known as "The Stig" or more recently "Cuddles"

His job is basically to drive fast ... very fast.

Is introduced by the Top Gear presenters with amusing "facts" usually starting with "Some say..."
Some say he has webbed feet, and his helmet can intercept radio waves .... All we know is - he's called "The Stig"
by RayzorSharp October 19, 2007
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Stig is another word for a disposable vape. Like a puff bar or cuvie
Anyone got stigs 81 ways ? Lmk
by Jet2481 March 24, 2021
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Super Sexy
Awesome in bed
Great dresser
Multi-talented artist
Great husband and father
Bad with money
Stig can leap off a building on fire, literally.
by 1Mamabear February 3, 2010
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A smelly person. Normally lives somewhere that resembles a dump or landfill site.
by Steve Marsh June 6, 2005
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A filthy dirty grubby person. One who lets their dogs eat of their plates, doesn't wash or shower has a filthy lifestyle.
Like Wayne and Waynetta from Harry Enfield's the slobs
by Jub McGuff October 8, 2003
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Another word for vagina. The opposite of a stig is a twig, which is another word for penis.
Dude I can't believe you fucked that couj... I heard shes got a stinky stig...
by cockstig August 30, 2016
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pronounced {-steeg-}
The word used to describe a sticky up bit of hair usually on the crown of a persons head. Stupid people usually have huge stigs and dont know about it and dont bother to tame them. Derrived from some famous swedish person called "Stig Helmer" who had a permanent stig.
1. Did you see quincy's stig?! It was incredible!! he really should buy himself a comb.
2. Mate you dont wanna go out with a stig like that u'll get laughed at!
by JOSAFOOWIS August 15, 2005
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