Paste Tense: Stickeyed

In reference to computer keyboards, where the keys begin sticking; typically as a result of masturbatory emissions.
I need to buy a new keyboard, my current one has stickeys.

Jon went to use his Dad's computer and realized it had been stickeyed. Jon promptly washed his hands.
by Nutzen YerMouf June 07, 2017
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That feeling when you masturbate to RuneScape pixels and leave a hot heap of mess in your panties.
I just got a bandos tassy drop! NOW I'M ALL STICKEY like Coray and Zarz.
by Zarzz April 19, 2016
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When a males penis is inserted into a sticky vagina his member becomes sticky and then the female partner sucks her vagina stank off his penis while yelling "Oh Craig"
DAYYYMM BOIII that stickey craigery u got last night could be heard all the way to VaChina ;)
by Kristen Gommol January 13, 2008
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Large performance tires for cars that need more grip on the drag track. They are manufactured by Mickey Thompson hence the name "stickey mickeys".
"Your car is shredding too much rubber you might have to throw some stickey mickeys on it dog."
by Zandavitch April 05, 2007
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An animated vagina, with two eyes, one on either side of the vaginal opening. Stickey has a taste for spaghetti and corndogs.
Anouncer:"Its Stickey! Stickey! Stickey the Cunt!"

Stickey:"Hey guys!"
by John-Paul Donovan III August 28, 2008
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Bo needed some stickey balls spray to keep his stickey balls from sticking to his leg in the hot summer Florida sun.
by HarryBallzonu February 01, 2008
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