Medical device rarly used for real observation but given annualy to medical students (and doctors) as though to awaken respect.

The only murmur really heard by it nowadays is the student's incoherent mumble of diagnose.

Demonstrating the everlasting incapability of the listener to determine what he really heard it serves as first choice medical equipment.
I hear boom-boom, boom-boom with my stethoscope , is it fluid in your lungs or are u just happy to see me?
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When you whip out your dick and slap it on her chest over her heart imitating a stethoscope.
Bob: Last night I grabbed Germaine's girl and started stethoscoping her.

Germaine: Why are you telling me this.
by H. Yoman August 24, 2017
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When a woman, typically in her 20's, uses a stethoscope to check your vitals.

She usually is wearing a nursing costume and pretends to be a CNA, seeing if your breathing is regular.
Me: "I went to the doctor earlier. I saw a nurse, and then a doctor afterwards."
Chet: "Did the nurse get all up in your guts?"
Me: "No, we didn't fuck this time. She used her stethoscope to actually check my health level, which was nice since last time all we did was fool around and I had zero feedback on my health."
Chet: "Glad to hear everything is going well. How's the wife?"
Me: "Yeah still trying to move through things, not really an uphill battle anymore but the weeks have their grooves. Mondays, you know what I mean?"
Chet: "Haha, I do. Seriously. Shannon gets super bent out of shape Monday morning, always before breakfast. Like clockwork, she's enumerating her rants like Santa Claus' child counter overflows yearly. You can tell she's losing it."
Me: "I wasn't going to say anything but you already did!"
Chet: "Ahhhhh!!!"
Both aside: 'look let's get somewhere all these white motherfuckers can't hear us'
by midinerd March 19, 2019
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You take an ikea table and flip it on its side...then make your partner fuck the table leg and listen through the top of the table.
Bro after Jenny and I went to IKEA I was able to give her a Swedish stethoscope.
by Doctor cocktor September 22, 2014
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