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Pronounced (Ste-shuh)
Has Arabic and other miscellaneous roots.
Is a girls name and in some languages a boys name (not that it matters)

Continuously gets mispronounced by people who can't read.

Usually the name of a smart cool girl who lives life one day at a time. Probably really infectious. Also she has a beautiful face and an amazing wit. Wife her.
Stesha is so fucking pretty, yo! But she seems sort of too relaxed and too intelligent like she just doesn't give a fuck about anything and anyone.
by omgitspanda December 19, 2016
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A girls name

Pronounced Stay-sha, most people think that is should be spelled Stacia.
She is a girl who has beautiful eyes and a smile that is contagious and loves to laugh.
Older folks say "Stesha? Thats a different name, is it short for Anastasia?"
by Shannwill February 02, 2010
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