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Stacia is a very smart and intelligent person. She can make anyone laugh, because of all the weirdness and sarcasm she has in her soul. If you become friends with her, you’ll immediately wanna know her forever and sometimes she’ll feel the same way. The most important thing in the world to her is trust and she’ll cut you if you disobey her trust.☺️
Dude: Stacia is so nice and trustworthy

Girl: Stacia totally stole my mans.
by LillianSilver November 21, 2018
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Unique Beauty. One who has visible outer and inner beatuty. A "Hottie".
You are looking like a Stacia tonight!
by Shannon Ackley February 11, 2009
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you melt when you see her. she has beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile. she loves to laugh and have fun. shes always doing the weirdest things that everyone loves. she's an amazing lover. faithful as can be, and very much in love with her boyfriend. every guy needs a stacia in their life, she's marrying type.
I'm marrying a Stacia.
by dupperoober December 29, 2011
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Madly in love with her boyfriend. Most beautiful girl of all time. She is shy in public yet the life of the room with friends. She can make any one smile and makes every guy turn his head. Best suited to certain men especially those named Tanner.
Did u ever know a Stacia? Yea man she had a thing for Tanner.
by Tanningcougar September 17, 2012
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A Greek name derived from the surname Eustacia meaning One Who Shall Rise
To be a Stacia is to be One Who Shall Rise always. Stand tall with pride.
by Staciaelise_tiger February 07, 2018
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Otherwise known as Stay; This person’s extremely nice and talented! They‘re easily likable and approachable, so they can bring basically anybody together! Plus, they’re amazing when it comes to art. A Stacia is hardworking, but sometimes they tend to push themselves until their project is finished. Also, a Stacia is really social online. They’d spend most of their time on Discord or some other site, but wouldn’t as much with real people. Other than that, you can call yourself lucky if you ever meet a Stacia!
Person A: Woah, this entry for the art contest looks great!
Person B: Oh, yeah! Stacia made that.
Person A: Stay’s server is really fun; I just can’t stop logging on to it!
Person B: Obviously, it’s because she’s so good at organizing stuff like that.
by chloxbee March 29, 2020
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