Also a term used to describe a homo

i.e a girl who is 'partial to pussy'
"yeah I'm a steph"
"are you?!"
"yup. tell you mum to come get her underpants, she left them under my bed again"
by Junglekid December 03, 2006
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the other woman or third party in an affair
Synonym: cunt
Antonym: friend
"Yeah, Steph is a bitter bitch with some heavy karma coming her way."
by harleynred June 22, 2009
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known to many as a menacing drugs fiend, a steph will do anything to get their paws on their filthy drugs. A steph will munch down any concoction of drugs given to them but would literally kill a small child for one toke of a spliff. Stephs can sometimes get desperate and are known to smoke any garden herb, or even scrat through dirty carpet for a hit.
Side affects of being a steph may include: loss of vocabulary, bags under the eyes, boobs decreasing in size overnight, lacking motivation in the bedroom and even falling over wigs.
"you gonna have a quiet one in or you doing a steph tonight?'

"man that guy just stephed out"
by Reugem May 06, 2008
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Massive bitch. Huge irrational phobia of personal contact. Will not hug anyone and enjoy it. Seriously sucks at life and is mean.
hey wanna be friends and be nice and maybe even hug sometime?" 'oh god no' "you are such a steph!"
by JimmyB86 December 10, 2010
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A word used to describe a girl who's mother you have slept with.

It is used as a slur if the mother in question gave you an infection and/or AIDS
"Yeah thats Steph, her mum mate, corrrrr"
"yeah man, dirty how well gave me crabs though"

by Junglekid December 03, 2006
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STEPH - An acronym for a disgusting dirty ho who is exceptionally hungry for something nasty.


Also accepted substitution:

Someone-That-Eats-Pulsating Hemorrhoids
When I tried to make love to my wife, I noticed there were patches of hair missing from her bush. When asked about the maingy bush, she replied "Meh, I tried to swing both ways, but got Steph-ed. Man that'll never happen again!"
by Poopy McPoopwell September 19, 2011
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