Steph is a lad the best friend she will help you through tough times when you meet a REAL cheeky Steph she is usually friends with jasas but she is not a pick me girl stephanies Are usually very kind hearted and will open up to you if they trust you she usually has black hair she is a bloody good friend and will stand out in the best way possible and will never fail to make you laugh or chuckle
Oh look it’s Stephanie she is a cool kid
by Kayhan man January 07, 2021
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She’s the greatest girl you can ask for a beautiful girl a caring girl and a girl that won’t leave you. Very loyal. Very loving and her dog is usually the coolest
Steph is the best
by BTR222999666 December 25, 2019
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A girl who hallucinates, she thinks that shes a panda, and eats all the time. Shes short and puny and thinks that shes funny. she also imagines herself as mexican gangster chick with alot of swag. She lives in her own little world. she also thinks that shes not weird.
Kevin: Dude, have u heard about that girl who thinks shes a panda?
Diana: yea dude shes a total Steph.
by Kevin and Diana December 30, 2011
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Steph is a mad fucking bitch.
Always there whenever you need her.
She likes to eat poo all day and pees on peoples faces for fun.
People underestimate her, sometimes when she gets too sloshed she likes to give insane gobs and head jobs, and is known to give some mad wristys.
But really, biggest heart, really patient, good listener.
Type of person you call up at two in the morning to say hi.
And a bonus, has a perf rack.
Steph is such a mad chunt, eerrrytang i wish for and more/
by madbitchesfordays May 26, 2012
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