A girl who lacks the confidence in herself to believe when people tell her that she is beautiful that they really mean it.
"You are beautiful"
"No Im not!"
"You are such a Steph!"
by Trit May 14, 2007
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Steph is a total badass. Often times she seems super cool and chill on the outside but actually a total softy once you get to know her. Crazy passionate and intelligent. Stephs are always super sweet, and they give the best advice. Type of person you can call crying at 2am and they'll always be there. Can drink a shit ton. Often the squad mom.
by Shithead69420 March 14, 2017
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Steph is a very special and amazing person, she will make you smile out of nowhere and make you laugh for so long that you don’t think you can stop, even hours afterwards if you think about something she said or did a smile will be brought to your face. She’s a very caring person and has vulnerabilities that she overthinks and worries about, she doesn’t realise it but she’s pretty cool, smart, quirky, talented and more genuine than majority of everyone. She struggles to see how other people see her, how she positively affects the people around her and how she’s not just any other boring ass fat ugly bitch who doesn’t shut the fuck up. steph is a very very likeable person and is too kind, she sometimes doesn’t get the attention and care that she deserves. Steph is the most fun person to be around no matter where you are, she’s some of the best company there is and anyone really wouldn’t want her to leave you or disconnect from your life, because if she did then youd be lonely and wouldn’t get to look forward to laughing and having fun with such a silly goose. Steph is someone you’ll hold close to you heart for a long time and you’ll cherish the time you spent together.
ah, everyone wants a steph as a friend, there’s nothing better.
by BraveToaster110 June 11, 2020
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steph is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. she’s usually quite popular, but she doesn’t rub it in people’s faces. she has the prettiest eyes you’ve ever seen and her laugh is adorable and bubbly.
steph will never purposely make you upset, and if she feels she has she’ll ask if you’re mad at her. and if she’s mad at you, she’ll tell you. if steph stops talking to you, it will usually be because you hurt her, more than once. she knows her own worth and she knows that people won’t change. she will still be polite, and nod at you when you pass her by, but your relationship will never be the same.
me: there’s steph !
friend: i love steph so much ohh my lentens
by yuhyuhh March 20, 2019
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most gorgeous person you will ever meet. often blonde, blue eyed and unbelieveably stunning. males often drop to her feet and is quite understandably easy to fall for. great sence of humour and a unique loveable personality. a good friend and has a heart of gold. a total heartbreaker but 100% marriage material. a true soulmate.
i love you steph.
by bootyful_boi September 24, 2009
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The most beautiful I know, a tough hard ass who will kick your ass if you piss her off, caring and always there for you, shes everyone's best friend and even though she has a hard life she knows that there's always someone to be there for her, even though were best friends i still care and love you.
Stephanie I love you and always will 私はあなたを愛して!
by razgriz360 November 27, 2011
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The best person to talk to. If you dated her you'll regret not dating her anymore. She is an amazing friend. She is worth so much. If she says she loves you- she really does. She comes up with the best nicknames, and gives the best hugs.
Hey, is that Steph?
by Caterina48510 April 16, 2017
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