A Step-Two is a beer. Going camping? Set up the camp, step two have a beer. Working on the truck, open the hood and have a step-two.
John: “Tents are up, we’re ready for the night.”

Ron: “Well that means we need a step-two!”
by Rule34foreveryone March 25, 2021
In the process of getting into a relationship, immediately following Step One (Saying Hi), Step Two is simply fucking her right in the pussy
-"You know what follows step one, right?"
-"Step Two, like fucking her right in the pussy?"
-"Go get her boi."
by GaymanJennings March 17, 2017
One-Step, Two-Step, Hit By A Train

A : "I can't get the moves in this new dance !"
B : "All you have to do is think one-step, then two-step, then act as if you've been hit by a train !"
A : "I 've got it now !"
by HudsonDuster December 28, 2010
its a dance, hardcore kids do thats done to a certain beat of a song that u cant really hardcore dance to, so you two step to the beat the music. its take quite some skill to two step
iys done by taking two steps foer every step u take, its complicated to explain.
by ill nino April 8, 2005
A dance style done at hardcore shows. You sway your legs back and forth and shift on the beat of the music.
Examples of good bands to two step to:
Comeback Kid
XParty CrewX
by DJGJ June 22, 2005
1) a "dance" step done to hardcore music, alternating pinwheeling arms and crossover legs. derived from the skanking done in the ska movement, it's similar in rhythm, but much more agressive. it seems simple at first glance but the motion is acctually quite hard to pick up and hold onto for long periods of time.

2) a general annoyance. try having any kind of pit while kids are two stepping and all it gets you in an elbow in the face. any less than five two steppers can be overtaken by a rushing of the pit... sometimes a loose circle piut can be formed... & if there's any more than five... that is one fucking huge venue that you're in, buddy.

1) setting; punkrock show in the 707.
mohawk: what're they DOING?
byrd: two stepping. they're hardcore kids, and this IS Resiliance.
mohawk: oh.

2) setting; punkrock show in the 707.
mohawk: what're they DOING?
byrd: two stepping. they're hardcore kids, and this IS Resialiance.
mohawk: fuck that, it's a PUNK show.
7seconds backpatch: circle pit?
skunx hair: no, let's rush 'em.

(JUST... go to a fucking show... cheers.)
by catarac...a January 2, 2007
Like skanking, skank pits, etc. but at a hardcore show. It's usually more aggressive and faster.
by Spencer Young August 14, 2005