A Steffie is a down-to-earth girl with an exquisite, exotic taste. They usually do or don't like someone, no gray in between the black and white, but those they like are the lucky ones. Steffies are passionately talented and will not go for mediocre results.
Have you seen the exotic dress on that girl?

Awesome right? She's Steffie.
by someone caring January 20, 2014
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1) a short girl with really big boobs
2) one who stares at people
Stop staring at me! You're such a Steffie!
by Nina 17 Letters September 24, 2006
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Mexican who cheats on every boyfriend she has. For some reason, people still try to date her. Has a stanky pussy.
Wow. There goes Steffie again. She sucked off three dudes this week.
by Stella Virchin February 16, 2018
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The sweetest most down to earth girl you will meet. She is very kind & helpful, though a little bit reserved she is a ray of sunshine to those around her. She is very intelligent, yet her best quality is her resilience and ability to pick herself up. She has no boundaries to how far she is willing to go to help others. She will go far in her life & be very successful.
Steffy is the realest girl Ive met.
by GoodVibesOnly:) January 14, 2019
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A girl's name. She super cute and I love her very much. She has the prettiest eyes and she's super skinny.
by SwaggyHitler April 24, 2021
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1. an abbreviation (nickname) for the name Stephanie.

2. the best person to know. people that use this name or it's original form are just awesome friends and beyond if you meet the right one.

3.Steffy's tend to be very beautiful, kind, creative, and intelligent. they are the best of everything combined!
i knew a Steffy back in school, she was the coolest of all the girls i knew.

most of the girls i meet just can't compare to the beauty of my GF stephanie
by moose-a-tron9000 July 15, 2011
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very attractive

a contender

a subb -> super upmost boss bitch
not a secret but she doesn't GAF about haters (AKA fans)

she loves moving on
steffy is gay (meaning EXTREMELY happy)-> (never use sexual orientations as an insult)
by Nofuqs2give October 12, 2018
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