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To be low key and off your competitions radar. Being unnoticed until it blows up in peoples faces.
"Joey Cutless dropped alot of hot beats and took over in STEALTH-MODE!!!"

"I'm in Stealth-mode, dressed in all black"
by swampaggin August 11, 2012
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One can achieve 'stealth mode' when they are driving in country lanes or poorly lit areas over speeds of 40mph, and then turning all of their lights off, so that they essentially disappear into the darkness, when you are doing this, you are in stealth mode.

Going into stealth mode is highly illegal, extremely dangerous and foolish, but an incredible adrenaline rush.

Going into stealth mode for more than five seconds is almost certainly going to end in a bad way.

Stealth mode is not advisable for drivers who are not experienced or confident.

Passanger - "OH SH-"

by Glassybubbles October 19, 2012
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the act of doing certian things quietly/slowly/very suddle or "under the radar" in order to keep your actions from certian others. It is pretty awesome if you do it right. It can save you from a lot of unnecessary stupid shit. It often involves a shitload of white lies or "closing the eye on aim"(being online, but people dont know until you IM them) but who gives a shit anyway as long as you keep away from the person your avoiding.
There are many kinds of stealth mode. There can be a stealth mode burp (this often works really well if your at your girlfriend's house eating dinner with her fam and you feel a burp but you hold it in by holding your tonsils back and letting it go as if you were just breathing out rather than belging and looking like an asshole.. another stealth mode can be "getting into the plane and its not even there" which can be various things like closing the eye mentioned above or just simply turning your phone off for a cerian period of time, and if she has a problem with it just turn your phone on to send the text "get off my fucking cock bitch" and turn your phone off right after.
by MYNAMEIST January 26, 2007
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whenever you give the sincere appearance of paying attention when someone is talking to you, but your mind is really somewhere else and not paying attention at all.

Similar to verbal handcuffs, except you at least have to keep your eyes open in the conversation and look at them while the first person is talking.

This could be because you are tired or just plain do not care about what the first person is saying and drift in and out mentally of the conversation. While the first person may think he/she is talking to a real person, he/she is probably really talking to the wind as far as you are concerned.
Robert: So how was the date with Samantha last night?

Ronald: Dude, lame. She started talking about her dead ex, so i went into stealth mode until she stopped talking. Then she thanked me for being such a good listener.

Ex. 2

Reverend: God be with you!!

All: And also with you!

Reverend: Today I'm going to talk about <chatter>..........

All: (Stealth Mode until it is time to leave)
by mainbwana March 24, 2010
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To change from using your work email (which is probably being monitored) to an internet based email account so that you can continue emailing without being detected.
'Lads, my work email keeps blocking that romance picture you keep trying to send me, I've had enough, I'm switching to stealth mode to continue the banterage'.
by The Yam August 09, 2006
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Involves moving across the office in utter silence, utilising a deadly efficient walking method where you feet hardly touch the ground.

People can't see you move when you use Stealth Mode.
"One minute I was alone in the cubicle, then Bilbo Bog was in there with me staring at my genitals."

"He must have used Stealth Mode"
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
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when a male has an erection in a public place or in the presence of his immediate family members - for the sake of himself and his youngest cousin, who is five, he must hide it in the most nonchalant of ways by pointing the tip of his member to the sky, nestled between his belly and boxers/briefs, so he can walk around without sticking out too much until junior gets soft again at which time he will be able to go on the slip and slide for the third time
man 1: hey, number 2, what's it called when you have a boner at the park and you hide it by touching the tip to your belly?

man 2: stealth mode.

man 1: riiight!!! stealth mode.

a mom: what the shit are you talking about?

man 1 & 2: baseball
by The fuckinillest man August 16, 2008
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