Military and or Law Enforcement jargon for "Stay alert, or watch you back or be on your toes"
by J FDaigle July 17, 2016
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Earliest origin I have seen is the 1972 movie "The New Centurions" and is spoken by George C. Scott to the "newbie" Stacy Keach. The meaning is "Stay cool and in control"
Try to stay frosty during a stop by the police
by Willsomm February 2, 2015
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To remain focused by not letting your emotions overcome you
Foot soldier: (Horrified and distracted at the sight of a bunch of burned and dismembered Iraqi children lying on the side of the road)
Officer: Stay the 50 cal., we can't do anything for them now
by zorrokhan January 2, 2009
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(n.)A term meaning stay cool or stay calm. It is also used as a farewell to friends, and others.
1) I'm out guys so Stay Frosty
2) Dudes, stop arguing Stay Frosty
3) Stay Frosty Crew
by Virus1244 July 31, 2008
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Something only a tool, wanna be rapper, or some who's trying to be cool uses. Serves no purpose and only the above uses it.
by Topaz Melody October 9, 2011
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A term used in the movie Aliens
also used in the game Ghost Ricon.
1) To stay alert, awake, and know what's going on.

2) To pimp
Patrick: Stay Frosty Careen !
Careen: Stay Frosty Patrick !
by careeeen October 18, 2008
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To Stay Alert and to stay on ones toes, Used most commonly by Youtuber KrizFrost,
Also used most common In the military
Hey dude you should watch your back!
Don't worry I always Stay Frosty
by FrostyArmy September 23, 2017
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