A valediction which has come to mean "be cool," but which more properly understood is an admonishment to stay alert and on one's toes. See the quote below for the pop culture origin.
"Hey! I know we're all in strung out shape but stay frosty and alert. We can't afford to let one of those bastards in here."

--Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn), in Aliens (1986)
by thetaphile July 05, 2006
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Earliest origin I have seen is the 1972 movie "The New Centurions" and is spoken by George C. Scott to the "newbie" Stacy Keach. The meaning is "Stay cool and in control"
Try to stay frosty during a stop by the police
by Willsomm February 01, 2015
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To remain focused by not letting your emotions overcome you
Foot soldier: (Horrified and distracted at the sight of a bunch of burned and dismembered Iraqi children lying on the side of the road)
Officer: Stay Frosty...man the 50 cal., we can't do anything for them now
by zorrokhan January 02, 2009
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Stay frosty simply means to be alert for the enemy, we used it daily when i was enlisted stay frosty means one thing be ready for war and be aware of the enemy

No soldier would disagree that it means nothing more or less than this

Common for any soldier to use this to protect the men and women to their right and left during war
Ok men we have our sitrep but its not a good one stay frosty stay in formation and wait for my command - squad leader/xo
by Jaysta420 February 25, 2018
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(n.)A term meaning stay cool or stay calm. It is also used as a farewell to friends, and others.
1) I'm out guys so Stay Frosty
2) Dudes, stop arguing Stay Frosty
3) Stay Frosty Crew
by Virus1244 July 31, 2008
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