Hot,Such a great figure, friends with everyone, makes everyone smile without even trying.
“OMG. Is it just me who smiles every time I see Careen?”
“Yeah. I turn round and just smile because she is there.
by Greatlover April 5, 2019
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Careen is a person who can always get along with almost ANYONE! When you see her she is usually smiling. She is also someone you can trust. She is talkative, and a trustworthy person.
A: "Look it's Careen!"
B: "She's so nice!"
by Naathaniell September 24, 2020
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Female who loves studying, nerds, awkward turtles, and alternative punk rock, who somehow manages to be appealing to every guy on the planet despite a chronic inability to seal the deal. Will end up being the hot doctor who male patients have a crush on. Curse her coolness.
(Friend): Hey is that Careen over there?

(Other friend): Is she wearing seashells and flipflops?

(friend): No.

(other friend): Then its not Careen.
by menakem March 9, 2011
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by Acag November 23, 2021
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God damn it i got second place in mario cart because i went careening off the screen
that sucks bro
by TopHatCatWUT October 22, 2020
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awesome, chocolate love who loves her vanilla swirl, single for life, love long walk on the beach, and is pretty much the most amazing bestie ever (:
by alexa couchman June 3, 2008
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March 11th, International Jack Careen day, hate that guy, with all his strategy games, smh
Joe:What’s today?
Steve:National Jack careen day
Joe:You confuse me…
by 45er March 4, 2022
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