Noun - A state is someone who is regarded in a negative way for one reason or another. These reasons consist of:
- being ugly
- having a bad dress sense

- being socially unpopular or a social reject (in a community common of the 'state' and the person referring to them as a state)
- having a feature which causes them to be identified as a state, ie bad hair or a bad physique)..
- having a 'bad personality' ie they may be referred to as a state because they are spiteful or ignorant towards others, or particularly to the person referring to them as a state.

All of the above are examples of reasons which are opinions of the person referring to others as states.

A common phrase used to describe someone or something extremely 'statish', usually a situation, is 'United State of...' (see example #4).
1 - Jenny's such a state/Jenny's so statish - she's very ugly, dresses like shit and she's really nasty to me sometimes.

2 - Those kids are such states - Look at what they're wearing!

3 - Can you believe the statishness of them? Their hairstyles are all so statish.

4 - United State of Arsenal losing to Chelsea!
by hazzhaymz January 11, 2010
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A government started by Joe STATE and VP Seeen STATE.

The greatest government that has ever existed
so dude, STATE's birthday bash last year was fuckin badass.
by SEEEN June 13, 2004
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A derogatory term regularly used between street racers to initiate a race.

Usually the 'a' is drawn out for emphasis.

See also 'rash' and 'disgrace'.
"I'll race you, you staaaaaaaaaaaate!"
by MichaelJAltrip January 17, 2005
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When a person is acting an unusual or negative way
Simba: Yo bruv have you seen Jim? He’s acting bare fruity fam.
Tyrone: *sniggers* ha state.
by Twists December 02, 2018
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What you call someone who is likes to think they are better than you.
She thought she Drew better than me, until i blasted that state into next century.
by Cryo Contagion March 26, 2019
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The word formally used when charlie stell is added to a situation
State of u lad

no messing g state of u
by bruh-8 August 31, 2019
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