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Poop has many catagories, and I shall explain said catagories to you. But firstly, poop is bodily waste that exits the rectum.

1. Petro Poop: A not-to-hard not-to-soft engorging poop, definatly the most enjoyable.

2. Hot Stick: A very hot feeling poop, these can sudenly pop up when in swimming pools, the poop greatly resembles The Reah, but not in its entirety.

3. The Reah: Some viruses feature this as a symtom, the poo is mushy, you have to go about 5 times a day, and you have to wipe about 17.3 times every time you go. No doubtidly the most dreadful type of poop.

4. Cheese Nickels: This genre of poop is when you sqweeze really hard and all that came out was a little yellow, skinny, creamy looking terd. Cheese Nickels usually replaces The Reah once you take a anti-reah pill.

5. Nickel of Death: Also known as constapation.
Drivin a merc is poop and hell for eternaty.
by Rice Hater June 28, 2005

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The greatest coutry in the world. (or used to be anyways)

Thanks in part to George W. Bush, America is now the most hated country in the world. Poor presidential decisions have caused a war, a crappy economy, high gas prices, global warming, as well as a new low in stupidity.

America used to be a place that people were proud to call "home" but now, most people just say they're canadian when they're really American.

In america, a third-string QB for a pro football team will be paid roughly 6 times as much as a blue-collar worker who works hard every single day.

People would rather read about who Jennifer Anniston is currently dating, rather then the current situation in Iraq.

American kids all dream about how they want to be Pro sports players, not for the love of the game, but for the love of the money.

America is the only place where the more money that is dumped into schools, the dumber the children get.

The reputation of America has been forever tarnished, thanks to George W Bush.
America, my home, sweet home.
by rice hater March 16, 2006

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The ultimate killer of import and domestic rice. These are the cousins of Chevrolet's Camaro's. They use the F Body chassis. These are pure American Muscle cars. These were like the ricers of the 70's and 80's. Except the only difference was they had big engines, torque, and looks. But they were similar to rice in their affordable price, and who was driving them (teens).
Smartass know-it-all geek: "A Trans Am isn't really a true muscle car."

Me: "Oh yeah, your right, my '79 403 6.6 trans is not a muscle car, but your Toyota Camry sure is, damn I bet you get loads of head in that sexy 4-banger!"
by Rice Hater August 08, 2005

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A kick-ass powerfull engine. Ricers usually tend to flap about how in-effiecient V8's (of the 70's) were. Actually, they were in-efficient only because the lack of technology, now, with new modern muscle cars coming out, such as the Charger and the Mustang, these cars actually compete with Honda's little 4-bangers for MPG. V8's have 8 cylinders arranged in a V pattern, these produce monster amounts of torque and HP, killing rice like no tommorow. New Mustang's have twice the cylinders and about three times the displacement as the Honda Civic, yet still gets 30 MPG highway. Take that, rice burner.
V8's will smoke your ass.
by Rice Hater August 15, 2005

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Clothing worn by hard working blue-collar people. Carhartts are built to last.
I love Carhartt. Carhartt is awesome
by rice hater March 18, 2006

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1. When in an engorging BJ, the BJer hums, creating a slight vibration in the lips. No comparison to a normal BJ when looking at pleasure.

2. A un-godly large box of a SUV, said car is a gas guzzler, most of the owners are not indeed off-road inthusists, but just rich upper class Men who work at insurance companies. Most men who own Hummers have never actually taken it off the pavement, the only place it is usefull is military and off roading.

3. (Hummered) When a sports mom is hit by shock at the enormous gas bill, after driving her gas-guzzling SUV or minivan, paying for the $2.70/gallon 12 mpg vechicle.
1. "Dude Cassie gave me a wicked Hummer while we were doing clutch the other day."

2. "Dude look at that mother of a fucker, driving his big ass Hummer, wastin' all my gas, and pollutin' my mother fuckin' air. Hey go suck a dick, assface!"

3. "Dude you should have seen this soccer mom get hummered the other day, I threw a dil doh at her face I was laughing so hard!"
by Rice Hater June 27, 2005

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1. An awesome band who's fan-base in recent years has become composed mainly of poser/skaters who buy the "AC/DC Back In Black" t-shirts from Walmart and think they're cool, but really have never heard an AC/DC song.

2. Alternating Current/Direct Current, a type of electricity which is used in home apliances and MIG welders.
1. Money Talks is my favorite AC/DC song.

2. My Miller MIG welder uses an AC/DC electrical set-up.
by rice hater March 20, 2006

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