Wow mrs.Starnes you really outdid yourself at the white water center yesterday
by Ugly useless September 29, 2020
Starn is a noun used to describe a guy who has a girlfriend but expresses interest in another girl who he liked prior to dating his current girlfriend.
"He just called Ri hot! He's a major starn."
by PopsicleMeltingWeen February 8, 2018
released from a contract or agreement for lack of performance; fired, as in the case of Kalib Starnes, former UFC fighter.
After two months of weak sales, Bob got Starned from his job.
by luke4907 April 23, 2008
A very pretty person, obsessed with talking to guys even though she never gets any of them. Crushed on by short kids. Mean to some people, but nice to her friends. Very nosy, has pretty brown hair and eyes. Kinda short, and has a good sense of fashion. She also does professional cheerleading.
"Hey, is Anna Starnes still trying to get eith that short kid?, she already rejected him"
by kjdschyjyudfhgeytdfswgyufgyu January 8, 2018
A person who definitely loves Zach more
That Starns obviously loved Zach more
by sesqueen March 13, 2021
When you want to say that something stinks but more polite.
Also the combination of stinks and darn.
"Man that's so starn... I can't believe that happened"
by RayNheartZ February 26, 2022