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A girl who is typically weird; in a good sense, someone who is cheerful and bright, that brings happiness. Someone who knows how to brighten someone and bring happiness.

A girl who is deep in thought, who is care free and beautiful in their own unique way.
"Who is she? "
"Her name is stargirl. "
"Stargirl? " and that's when I knew, that she was about to surprise everyone, including herself.
by Aestheticalwords November 27, 2016
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Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
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Well, Stargirl is quite a magnificent girl really, she shines brighter than the stars and the sun. She may seem a little bit distant at first, yet once you get to know her you defiantly won't regret it. She'll make you smile, laugh, blush, and just make you happier and happier for days to come. If you happen to fall in love with a Stargirl, just know to make sure your love is like the universe. It never ends.
One: Hey, have you meet Stargirl?
Kg: Oh, no....I haven't. She sounds lovely though.
One: Here she is, right now! *Points to Stargirl*
Kg: *Looks over* I...I want to go meet her. She seems qui-No, I know she's amazing! Just by seeing her!
by KiwiKittyGirl December 25, 2017
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A book about a girl that comes to a conformed school and has an impact there.
"Did you read Stargirl in school?"

"Yeah, but I hated it."
by Beckat February 11, 2007
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A person who pretends to be or boasts being quirky, unique, or different than the rest. This also comes with the implication that this makes them superior, even though they are usually inferior and have low self-esteem.
Oh my god Clarissa thinks she's so cool bragging about liking those underground indie bands. She really just wants attention, what a fucking stargirl.
by Sadosaur March 27, 2020
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The kind of boring girl that is not willing to do lot of things or she is not willing at all. The word star, as a reference to a girl in bed doing nothing but the star and waiting for the guy to do the whole work.
Friends : Hey! Wanna grabs couple of drinks with us tonight? the exams are done!

Star girl : Oh I can't! I have to start working on my assignment due for next week...

Friends : You're such a star girl
by justforlaugh514 February 17, 2013
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Star Girls is a girl who: stalks, bullys, teases, or any other mean thing to you across the Internet or any social media. You have an idea who your Star Girl is, but you don't have proof/are not completely sure.
Girl 1: I've got a star girl!
Girl 2: Do you know who?

Girl 1: I thinks it's 'girl 4' but I don't have proof yet.
Girl 2: You know, when you find proof, she won't be a star girl.
Girl 1: Oh yeah...
by Star Girls January 22, 2016
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