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"Dude, those people took down their Christmas decorations the day after Christmas! They're totally Starbucksing right now! SO insensitive. Damn."
by MasterofSatire January 27, 2016
Going to Starbucks and most likely ordering a pumpkin spice latte. It's like clubbing for basic white girls.
Look, Amelia is starbucksing!
by mcnuggetdestroyer January 01, 2018
The act of going to Starbucks to indulge in the deliciousness of mass produced coffee. Often an activity you do with a particular friend or person; a tradition.
Person 1: Hey, man, what you up to this evening?
Person 2: You wanna go Starbucksing?
Person 1: For sure, you want to call up {person 3}?
by Jeeza Leeza December 01, 2006
To crave Starbucks. To fiend for Starbucks. The feeling of really wanting to drink something from Starbucks.
by Loida Casares Ruiz March 09, 2008
The act of going to the infamous coffee chain called Starbucks and paying for overpriced lame cups of beverages called "coffee".
BC: Hey Eva, are you Starbucksing tonight?
Eva: No, lets go to Coffee World instead homie.
by EvaF March 27, 2008
The equivalent of going clubbing,or visiting various nightclubs for entertainment and meeting romantic interests, only for people under the legal drinking age who have too much of a conscience to get a fake I. D. In other words, one goes to the various Starbucks around town and tries to get phone numbers from relatively attractive people.
"YEAH! Wanna go starbucksing with me this Friday?"
"No thank you, I'm actually over 21."
by Barri J. C. February 11, 2009