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A word used to discribe ones father if he's a cheap ho and his booty stanks, as well.

Father: *slaps son* Shut up ho. My anus reeks with the stank of a thousand skunks because I'm to cheap to buy a bathtub.

Son: Nigga pleeeeze..
by Pimpalicous June 25, 2006
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Means you have a bad attitude and cannot be bothered!!
Chauntika said she cannot be bothered with her co-workers today, and the others feel she is being "stank booty."

Merb your phone etiquette is "stank booty."

Talking on your cell phone while in the bathroom is "stank booty."
by Its a Dirty Dark Secret October 29, 2009
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1. n. a booty that contains the qualities defined by stank

2. n. a butt of a person whose skin is brown or dark brown.

3. Black Ass

4. adj. Something disgusting; skanky, filthy, or rank

1. That was one nasty stankbooty!

2. I prefer Caucasian booty over stankbooty.

3. Eww! stankbooty!

4. That was one stankbooty sandwich!
by JohnRboifosho December 12, 2008
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