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5 definitions by Violated Centaur

The state of being offensive to one or more of the human senses.
Dude, I gots wit dat hoe back up in my crib last night. This mornin', in the light, I saw her thong....she gots some RANK STANK BOOTY CRUST.
by Violated Centaur March 10, 2005
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A man who possesses the qualities of a pixie (slender, pointy ears, a bounce in his step, thick eyebrows, etc) yet attracts women to such an extent that he can charge money for his accompaniment.
Girl 1: I am just fed up with most of the guys I meet in bars.
Girl 2: Me too. And I need a date for the Renaissance Faire coming up.
Girl 1: Oh you should get yourseld a pixie whore. They are amazing.
Girl 2: I think I will. Those pixie whores make me so hot and bothered I will be tearing his clothes off after only 2-3 hornfulls of meade.
by Violated Centaur March 13, 2005
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The best beer ever. It even includes a fun game under the cap so drinkers can judge their level of intoxication without sophisticated electrical equipment.
Brad Pitt in Kalifornia: Adel, we are going to hike up that mountain that says "Hollywood on it." We're gonna drink some Lucky Lager and howl at the moon...ow ow owwwwwww!"
by Violated Centaur March 13, 2005
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A wooden-like barrel that produces pleasurable vibrations to anyone who deposits $0.50. The vibrating element is arranged in such a way to imply that the vibration is for feet.

Proper use of the Barrel of Fun requires the rider to sit on the vibrating element.

The Barrel of Fun is especially pleasurable to those of the female sex.
Ralph: Roxanne, you seem to be enjoying that Barrel of Fun a little too much.

Roxanne: I am just getting primed for later when we get back to the Roxy room.
by Violated Centaur March 13, 2005
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An organized race where speed and competition are replaced by beer and little clothes. This race usually takes place at the end of finals week in a crowded downtown area of a college town.
It is too hot for pants! Let's go on an undie run!
by Violated Centaur March 13, 2005
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