Pretending to take a Selfie but instead actually talking a picture of an unsuspecting victim in the background
Sam on the train texting Tom

Sam: Hey Tom this hot girl just got on the train and shes sitting across from me
Tom: Quick get a Stalkie
Sam: Got it, hang on a sec ill send it to you
Sam gets toms Stalkie
Sam: Nice man, shes a hottie, you should go speak to her
by weaby12 October 22, 2013
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someone who is being stalked.
To be stalked by a stalker.
Hey i think i maybe a stalkie. He keeps stalking me!

Hello 911? I think i maybe a stalkie! help!!
by Jøsh Stalech May 17, 2008
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When somebody is watching another person, without their consent and knowledge. Lingering about and acting creepy, in general. Making all the girls bug out and try to get away from you because you are so weird and eww. You make me double check my doors at night.
Female #1: "Nick is following us around again!"
Female #2: "Omg, girl....I know! He is sooo stalky! I hope he doesn't kill us, tonight. "

-He is stalky and gives me the creeps! I hope you can walk me home. He might try to bundy me!
by Acire.siem909 July 27, 2014
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A term for a group of people (typically iconic) that are considered to be tall. For boys, the cutoff is around 6'2" and for girls it is 5'8". If you are below these heights but above the average height, you are considered a mini stalky sister. If you are at or below the average height, you are a mere mini shawty stalky sister.
Person 1: "Oh my goodness! Did you see the stalky sisters just walk past us?"
Person 2: "Yeah they're so tall and... ✨stalky✨. I WISH I COULD BE THEM!"
by lil shawty kween bicole February 9, 2021
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A mobile phone loaded with facebook places, foursquare or another application capable of transmitting your GPS.
Mary had her stalkie talkie with her at the mall, and this allowed her creepy lab partner to follow her the entire day at a discreet distance.
by MrVertigo September 16, 2010
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A stalking so bad that it requires the intervention of the law and/or other authorities.
Poor woman declared her love for him and wouldn't leave him alone. It's so creepy that he called the police. She's definitely got a mild case of the stalky stalks.
by MrT-maybe January 26, 2022
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A creepy stalker who has no friends except for those who this person stalks. Everyone wants to kill this person.
Stalky Creeper is a good reputation to have.
by murder they wrote September 1, 2010
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