A genteel request for sex that can be made in public.
She: You available for a staff meeting this evening?
He: Yes, I'll bring Peter.
by Ebullient Gideon June 29, 2011
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A juul break involving 2 or more people in which 1 or more vapes are used. Frequently during work/class, and usually in the handicapable bathroom stall.
-dude so you have your juul on you?

-yes omg wanna meet in the bathroom in 10 mins for a staff meeting?
by Kateh101 July 19, 2019
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An after work toke amongst co-workers and their rides
"You & my girlfriend used to work together?"
"Yeah, we used to toke after work all the time"
"Well, she's picking me up at close; Staff Meeting?"
by Anthony MacNeil January 22, 2007
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To toke after work

When at work, if your boss is a "square" you would walk amongst other employee's and say "staff meeting?" as they reply, yes! or no!
by Mike Guzzardi December 6, 2007
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verb: to staff meet

1. To be trapped in a meeting by one's boss. This meeting involves the boss wearing dresses and talking to you without crossing her legs. It usually takes place at the top of the stairs in front of a mirror while the employees are trying to escape the visual.
2. A type of punishment for being a good employee. Usually accompanied by a cheap bottle of sweet rosé.
BOSS: "Gather around me girls! Let's staff meet!"
Girl 1: "Jesus Lord. Not again!"
Girl 2: "She's scratching her crotch too" :(
Girl 3: *walks in* "What's going on?"
Girl 2: We were just staff met.
by why.me July 16, 2011
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looking back at your internship at BBC Radio 6 and realizing you have enjoyed yourself more or less.
the playlists, the djs, the work hours and ethics of your colleagues, the comparatively limited rate of mobbing.
(editorial staff meeting is taking place)
"Guys, thank you so much. Do you think this is crazy? Do you think what we are doing here is crazy?"
by Krkič May 16, 2019
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