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A town in southwest Michigan where nothing important happens and the town spends money it doesn't have on shitty new police cars and a football staium and athletic building your school doesn't need while the art teachers are paying out of pocket for supplies for the class. Where there are more wiggers and wanna be bad asses then you can count that are only tough until someone from Benton Harbor is in the same room as them.

Home of the sell out festival and FIP trap known as Venetian Festival! Where thousands of Chicago assholes from across the lake come over to watch shitty cover bands of even shittier 80's bands for a week and try to buy everything with 100 dollar bills.

Where there are no opportunities after high school unless you intend on shacking down or getting knocked up. Or getting thrown in jail for drying to sell drugs when the tow is so damn small all the cops already know who you are.

A dead end town that is ever so slowly being bought out by out of towners. A tourist trap and all around hell hole that NO ONE has heard of that isn't from Berrien County.
SOMEONE: Oh! You're from Michigan? Me too! Where from?

YOU: St. Joe.


YOU: Yeah, exactly.
by jessicaw86 August 27, 2008
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