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umm well whatever you people think is really screwd up. maybe it is your school that is like that. St.catherines is one of the most acadenically challenging schools around. MAybe you are burning it on urban dictionary because you did not have the brains to get in it. As for the St. Chris guys you are just pissed becuase none of them will go out with you. You can pathetically insult them now but when they have graduated from an ivy league school and you are passing out fries at Mcdonalds then we will see who are the stupid hores.
St. Catherines girls don't go out and party like idiots such as the St.Gertrudes girls because they are not so stupid as to waste thier time getting drunk and making themselves look like idiots.
by Dell February 11, 2005
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the biggest bunch of uptight white rich bitches...many trust fund bitches as well.
spend all their time bitching about things that dont go their way.
yea see that girl, shes from st. catherine's- pssh fuck that im not putting up with her drama queen shit, lets go find some foxcroft girls
by unst April 07, 2005
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