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A code-name for dipping tobacco you use when you're talking about dipping in front of someone that doesn't know you dip.
Person 1: "Squirsh?"
Person 2: "Yes please"
Person 3: "What's squirsh?"
Person 1 & 2: "Nothing"
by squirshman April 28, 2009
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Squish and Squirt are two of my favorite words to say to all the moistenising people. So I combined them and made an even more moistenising word: Squirsh. Its the act of squishing something and squirting something at the same time.
This moistenising meal is so good, us people should squirsh it into my basement.
I like to squirsh things in my basement, why don't you supply man come join me and squirsh with me.
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by not-a-cult-leader January 31, 2018
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Its what happens when they create those fruit bars. They "squirsh" the fruit, which means to squirt the juice out and then "squish" the remaining pulp into rectangular shapes.
Dude A (eating fruit bar): These fruit bars are good!
Dude B: You know what they do? They "squirsh" the fruit!
by Mayur Jobanputra November 07, 2007
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