The act of stuffing both of a guy's nuts in your mouth while going down on him.
I like squirrelling a guy so that my cheeks puff out and I can't talk.
by ChippendaleSquirrel August 19, 2009
To have public sex, specifically referring to that in a bush
Ging was squirrelling his bird the other day, caught them in the park
by Ainsley_Bond December 10, 2021
To suddenly become distracted by anything and everything. Also to start additional tasks in procrastination of an original task
*Normal chatter*
J: Oh look, a Red wing black bird


P1- Just call them and get it over with
P2- or I could check my score and dispute three random things
P1- stop squirrelling
by Blitzgeek May 24, 2019
- to gather shiny objects or creative ideas that inspire you

When cooking - to gather special ingredients that you hold dear
When window shopping - to go hunting for nothing in particular at the shops and you lose all track of time because you got distracted by all the shiny things that have now hatched a dozen new creative projects you want to start.
My partner - "" Hey Lovely, where have you been ?? , I thought you just went to the shops to buy one thing ... You've been gone 8 hrs !!
Me : Well ... um ... you know .... I've been squirrelling
by Squirrel Gully August 24, 2019
verb. Sexual activity between two or more people in a hyper squirrel like manner.
It was a cold rainy day, so Kala and I squirrelled by the fire and then nested the rest of the night.

The way those two look at each other, they must squirrel like champions.

Ryan drove off the road while dry squirrelling, distracted by the size of her camel toe.

The two young kids were dry squirrelling to a Whitney Houston song, to avoid abortion expenses.
by Dr Bary February 12, 2012
When you think you have Julian Edelman covered tight and the little guy still catches the damn ball!!!
Julian Edelman squirreled us again on 3rd down !!!
by Leonbaby June 19, 2019
To be easily distracted by something - to be squirrelled.
I was talking to my friend when I was squirrelled by a conversation on the table behind us.
by MonStar78 June 26, 2016