n. A high-pitched sound emanating from the anus, most often caused by failed efforts to suppress the expulsion of flatus.
Even though he pulled hard on the sides of the chair and lifted his feet, the fart blew out as a long, loud, squeaker, dashing any hopes of a second date with her.
by Handsome McGoo November 17, 2011
For some reason this person thinks that they put fear into the minds of others, even though in reality they just make people laugh so much that their sides hurt. A squeaker is also the thing in rubber ducks that makes them go squeak squeak because that is exactly what they sound like. I kid you not, there is no difference between the two noises. When an attempt to tell you off is put forth, it is physically impossible to not laugh in their face, and it pains a person to hold in their laughter. I'm talking to you T-Bob. Just kidding I don't know a T-Bob.
As the squeaker told off Luke, every single person the room was in pain whilst trying to hold in their cackling.
by sonicthescrewdriver February 8, 2015
A little kid who is yelling over the mic about he or she got rekt in a video game (Mostly Black Ops 20) and starts challenging people to a 1v1. When roasted, their comebacks will mostly about the Roaster's mom and or bitch. Beware- Their voices are extremely annoying. . .
Player: *Kills Squeaker*
Squeaker: Hey that's hacking bro!
Player: All I did was point and shoot
Squeaker: *Intensely high voice* 1V1 ME BRO. SNIPERS ONLY! I WILL 360 NO SCOPE YOUR ASS
Player: . . . Yo8u can't even sign onto Disney.com without parent's permission. STFU.
Player: . . . . Sit the fuck down son
Squeaker: *Squeaking intensifies and is comprehensible*
Player: *Reports*
by KpopCasanova December 25, 2016
A kid (Usually a on Call of Duty) who has a squeaky voice or screams a lot they are commonly 9 year old kid who talk shit when they are winning or sucking ass at a game.
Squeaker: Get fucking rekt faggot

Me: Shut the fuck up squeaker
by TheRealACG May 11, 2016
1. A deadly "silent but violent" manifestation of a fart usually containing a high-pitched, clinched sphincter utterance. 2. The leading cause of death in church and movie theaters.
"It's a good thing we had that canary, or that squeaker would of killed us!"
by yukoncornelius April 9, 2003
A squeaker is a child that has not reached puberty who plays a game and used a mic to talk on it, often then not people use the term squeaker for all children that play online with a mic, which is somewhat true, but squeaker is actually for something else.

A squeaker is supposed to be a child who has a mic and constantly screams, trash talk, and/or swears alot, often then not, they tend to have very low anger control and get mad easily, often then not people like making them mad, they also are often horrible at the game and may rage quit.

There's also another "Squeaker" that can be good at the game (can be decent or bad) and have less of a shortfuse, they also can friendly to others and be less of a annoying shitstain, they still have high pitched voices but usually they try not to have such a loud mic, often then not people still make fun of these squeakers despite them doing nothing to be a piece of shit, many people do this because the voice is either too loud in the mic or annoying, which the latter they cannot change.
Squeaker: "Oh mwy fwucking gwod fwucking of fwuck ywou fwucking twuh swhit of twuh dwam*improper swearing usage*"
Game Player: "Oh my god shut the fuck up!"

And then

'Squeaker': "Hi, how are you guys?*or another example that's not annoying*" With a not loud mic
Dumbass: "Oh my god shut up you stupid fetus, you're supposed to be the womb you fucking bitch, wait until your balls dropped you dumb child!"
by ThatOneManWithAnApple September 27, 2022