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A growing town with a large rich older population which is active only to stop levies and a comparable middle class only active when someone makes fun of their beliefs, or cleanliness of their house. The hangouts are very limited for the teenage population so most either stay at school or try to find other things to do like see how fast they can make it on the country roads before totaling their car or going to a different city where there are bowling alleys or theaters. Though it must be added the K&W ice cream shop is a great hangout on occasion, but it closes down during the winter season. Many local businesses are around, but don't usually do well without a great advertising job. (Note, this is difficult because it will be overlooked no matter where you put it.) The use of drugs is fairly common, but not overlooked by the PD by any stretch.

In summary, there are only four reasons to come to this town between Dayton and Cincinnatti,
1) Your family or an unfortunate friend lives here.
2) You think you might be able to start a business that is new and profitable. (not likely)
3) You have an urge to start a heated conversation about politics and morals for no reason.
4) You are lost
What are you doing? If you get off here we'll end up in Springboro!
by You've Seen Me Before September 01, 2013
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City located in Southwestern Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati. Predominantly upper middle-class Republican residents with kind hearts and strong work ethics. Big and little shops, plenty of restaurants, and a small town that continues to grow.
Springboro Ohio is a fine Midwestern town.
by OxC May 04, 2018
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A city located south of Dayton where all the rich people live and call the cops on pretty much anything.
If you look suspicious for any reason at all and are hanging around Springboro your pretty much fucked because people there are retarded.
by blueberry May 01, 2006
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only the best town ever with the best weed if you know where to find it. we all get raped, high and stoned beyond belief. some call us rich, but in reality were all bored to death stoneheads.
I live in Springboro where all the freshman are pregnant and the weed it the SHIT!
by VickyJ October 05, 2007
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Springboro hasn't passed a legitimate school levy in decades, and the city government shuts out businesses because they won't be successful. Poor people in this town, and it's going under.
by rossgeller August 08, 2008
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