Something a person needs to get if they want some bitches on their dick.
Ayo has Timon been getting any bitches on his dick lately?
Nahh man, he still aint got that Spotify Premium
by Sexy_Kieran January 17, 2021
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Spotify premium is a codeword for Premium or paid Pornhub, subscription. Used in public places to remain private and discrete.
Hey dude, do you have Spotify premium? Hey yeah, I got it last night! Premium's so much better!
by YoursTruly24681012141618 April 14, 2016
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Spotify, but premium

You pay for it and you get no more ads, unlike Spotify free which has 3000000 fucking ads every minute.

Also if you don’t know what Spotify is, go search it up.
Wanna listen to Spotify
Okay, I have Spotify Premium
by Gdisvvc March 19, 2023
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