An adjective meant to describe something that is extremely good.
Damn, that girl is premium.
I played so premium at our football game last night.
Do I look premium tonight?
by awesomekid12 March 3, 2010
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Premium is simply an adjective that takes the user a step up from 'cool'. Whenever you feel like responding in conversation with a casual 'cool', take it up a notch and slip in a minty fresh 'premium' instead.
Zach: Norwood thinks he coined premium, but really he's just jealous of me for doing it first.
Joe: Premium, man. Norwood could never have made that up. Premium indeed.
by Zach V. April 4, 2005
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An over used word in the creative industry, with no specific meaning.

However it can often be defined as 'tacky' which is slightly ironic.
We need to make this more premium.
I like it but can you make it more premium.
by mr premium March 5, 2014
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not deliberately built to be of inferior quality
Bob: This is Cannons's premium digital camera.
Ray: You mean the one's that's not designed to suck to make this one more attractive?
by CynicalKitty February 28, 2010
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The state of being "premium". A noun form of the adjective "premium"
Hotels and airlines give premium treatment to their best customers. The premiumity of that special treatment, however, varies wildly from company to company

Websites that have premium content attract more users, who spend more time. While premiumity is subjective, websites high in premiumity are valued by advertisers who wish to associate their products with premiumity.
by GetItRight721 March 15, 2012
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The best shizzzzz out there.
Number one.
Hell good.
Person 1::: ( talking about some thing that person 2 owns, made or bought) Oh man, thats premium shit.

Person 2::: Thanks bruthaa

by lozza; October 30, 2008
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