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someone lacking style, flare, friends; some with no life, afraid to take risks
this lame nigga over here is wont smok a cigar
by lollipop5683 January 16, 2012
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a ordinary person same as any other dicktalker/hater who can't be a person that is actually doing better things than them such as being an independent vs everybody
thats a lame nigga, hating cause that niggas bitch is fucking wit him and now he ain't dicktalking to his face but behind his back
by Lerdarbrucket May 18, 2018
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a boy who plays around don't want anything real
a guy that sleeps on a girl that loves him
I can't find a boyfriend because of all these lame niggas
by Jenn13ifer September 29, 2017
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niggas who are lame: matt, michael, juan
ex: "without andrew and charles the chat only got lame niggas so that means no snaps"
by aye fam 123 October 17, 2018
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