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Splean (Russian: Сплин) is a popular Russian rock band. The band was formed and released its first album in 1994. Since then, they have remained one of the most popular rock bands in Russia and the former Soviet Union. The band's name is derived from "spleen" (in the sense of "depression"), and the "ea" spelling in English is a pun on the spelling of the Beatles.It was borrowed from a short poem by Sasha Cherny, a well-known poet, lived and worked in the beginning of the XX century. The band's creator and frontman is Alexander Vasilyev (lead vocals, guitar), other members are Vadim Sergeyev (guitar), Dmitry Kunin (bass-guitar), Nikolay Rostovsky (keyboards) and Alexey Mesherekov (drums). So far the band has released 18 albums, which include 3 live albums, 2 compilations, and also 4 singles. Despite rumours that the group is on the verge of breaking up, Splean continues performing throughout Russia and the world. The band frequently experiments and evolves, so that the current version of Splean is quite different from its original version.
I totally love that last Splean album "Resonance". Although I'm not very familiar with Russian music and hardly understand the lyrics, their music is really charming.
by Gtribe June 07, 2015
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“Hey man wanna smoke this splean?”
“Wtf is a splean??”
“It’s a spliffed lean blunt
by Lil’ rail October 22, 2017
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