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Scrilla is a term for cash money in a literal sense but could also be a way to describe your hustling energy, your ability to move product and your people skills. Any salesman knows that immedietly after making a deal you must try to make another one because you have an energy of success about you that makes people more likely to deal with you, so yes scrilla means cash, but I think it goes deeper than that scrilla is your hustle, your flow, your energy and momentum that can make you or break you in the cash game.
In the remix of I got five on it E-40 says, "I'm feelin my scrilla but perhaps my scrilla aint feelin me." This statement leads me to beleive that scrilla isn't just cash its the force that attracts the cash to you, your mojo if you will.

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diggin in tha splean means intercourse whether vaginal or anal.
"uh now thats real gangsta shit tag teamin on a bitch in a motel 6, 40 on tha back 6 on the top, diggin in tha splean with a gangsta lean." from Brotha Lynch Hungs "Real Gansta Shit"

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"its ebk every day all day to the day I die" ebk stands for evil black kids, evil black kids will tag team a bitch in a motel 6, evil black kids wear blue but they aint even trippin, for evil black kids it aint about crip or blood its about payback and love for the blocc, some say they're everybody killas thats true, evil black kids will kill everybody and when they ride its always locc to the brain. Naw I'm playin it means everybody killas.
many definitions have been thrown around but after years of intense research the kik a bitch foundation for the ebonically challenged released its most accurate definition. "loc to the brain, insane, everyday all day its EBK." Evil black kids will kill everybody everyday crip or blood its about payback that family love kickin it bloccstyle with your braids in your hair smokin dank when your ridin on a full tank, with you nine on the side goin both ways, peel a niggas cap and then your sideways! I'm out!

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