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Nasty, not desirable, ugly, dope,
Dude's car was spitty sitting on 24s.
The one dudes rap was fresh, but the other guys was spitty.
by Michael Conley August 01, 2005
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Synonymous with the word drunk, it is used in it's place as drunk people tend to be belligerent and not only are lippy, they even generally spittle a little more as they talk.
I'ma get me a couple more beers 'cause I'm getting good n spitty! WOOOOOOO!!
by Arashmin March 13, 2010
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Titties in space. Gravity doesn't exist to drag the breasts down, thus creating the perfect rack.
It would be worth it to become an Astronought just to experience Spitties
by Alien Mc Spaceballs July 28, 2009
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A person who chews a lot of chewing tobacco, causing him/her to spit frequently.
1: I hate when he chews tobacco.
2: yeh, he's a Spitty.
by Skatterboii89 May 01, 2012
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