1. To forcibly expel liquid from your mouth.
2. To show great disrespect to something.
3. For a woman to dislike a man's juices.
4. A slang for rappers that means to freestyle when rappin.
1. The milk was bad, so he spit it out.
2. He spit on the war in Iraq, because his bro was over there.
3. She always spits, she doesnt want to swallow.
4. "Yo jus fukin let me spit!"
by LudaJosh January 13, 2009
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To say your knowledge about your set
Yo spit me that knowledge.
by YouAlreadyNo April 29, 2009
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Jake: "I jut spit at Jon"
Amy: " Why"
Jake: " He's my enemy"
by "Axeled it" June 3, 2016
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1) To release non-gaseous substances from the mouth; to expactorate.
This includes saliva, water, chewing tobacco, etc.

2) Saliva.

3) To proverbiably make a grand show of disrespect towards values, rules, ideas, etc. Followed by 'on', 'upon', etc.
1) I was kicked out of the restaurant for spitting in the flower vase.

2) Randy drools while he sleeps, which explains the large puddle of spit on and around his desk.

3) After hearing me out, Randy spat upon my values and lied to his mother about the muddy hiking boots.
by Diggity Monkeez January 23, 2005
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The thing that Ugandan Knuckles' do when people are non-believers, and do not know da wae.
Knuckles: Do you know da wae?
Player: Uh... what?
Knuckles Army: They do not know da wae! Spit on da non believer! *spits*
by RedSheep MinecraftAndMsp YT February 24, 2018
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